Home of Blue Essence Fingerless Gloves - Steuben Wisconsin

Blue Essence originated in the heart of the Kickapoo River Valley in scenic Southwestern Wisconsin among green hills, majestic Oaks and graceful Elms.
Life here is filled with ever-changing moods and splendor. Every season sets the tone for a symphony of colors. Blue skies that reflect in clear streams during the day, burst with a profusion of reds, pinks and yellows at sunset, and then give way to star studded black velvet nights. The multitude of songbirds and wildflowers further enhance these displays with their own delicate Kaleidoscope. In winter, the brilliant shimmer of freshly fallen snow in the moonlight adds it's magic to the land.

Blue Essence gloves are a reflection of these inspiring surroundings. Every pair of gloves features a unique pattern and design with the beauty of the wearer in mind. Our fingerless gloves are knitted by hand in the U.S.A. from the finest yarns available.
Craftsmanship and Quality make our delightful creations special, and many have found their way to all corners of the world.